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"You're never too far from summat mad in India" 27.02.2013
'Bangers' and Backwaters... 24.02.2013
Boulders, birds and broken bikes... 24.01.2013
Just popping out for a 2 month curry 23.01.2013
Back to Bangkok... 19.01.2013
Boxing Day and beyond... 05.01.2013
Mulled wine in the mountains... 03.01.2013
Hello moto? Hello t-shirt? Hello menu? No... maybe later? 27.12.2012
Lu finds a B-52 in Hue... 25.12.2012
Good Morning Vietnam! 07.12.2012
Angkaaaaaawwwww what! 27.11.2012
Laos to Cambodia 23.11.2012
Goodbye Thailand - Hello Laos! 07.11.2012
Chris has been to hospital... 30.10.2012
"More spicy, more sexy" 23.10.2012
“WHO’S COLONEL RASHID?!” 18.10.2012
We've started sweating red! 12.10.2012
We're here! 09.10.2012